It is always a nice feeling when you get to try good food from places you least expect it. Like this certain area in Jalan Arteri Permata, not just good food but with a reasonable price. How can you say no to that?! Lucky lucky me.

Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku (PSY)

IMG_1738Been meaning to visit this place for almost 2.5 years and I finally get to try it last Friday. The long wait was well worth it! We ordered beef yakiniku and vegetarian shabu-shabu (you can choose from tom yum soup or chicken soup) since that’s mostly what’s on their menu. We ordered the small portion for yakiniku thinking that it will be enough for the both of us because we still have the shabu-shabu.

Once the food came in, we both realized we cannot finish it – too much for us. It can probably feed 2-4 people depending on your group’s appetite but the serving is in a generous amount. Plus the food taste actually good! So nothing will be wasted. The best part is that we only paid around 150,000idr ($11.30) for everything. Good food with affordable price, happy tummy!

Just to give you a heads up about the place, it’s an open area so the air just pass through and there are fans around. I find the place a little bit confined so if there will be a lot of people I can imagine how this place would look like, super packed! The space on the table for plates and utensils is a bit small, probably to put up more tables and to maximize the space. If you want to check out the menu and prices, you can find them in Zomato.


It’s just beside the yakiniku place. I learned about this place from the coffee shop in the area. We saw people ordering here and it seemed pretty interesting. I tried tIMG_1776o look it up in Zomato to have some insights about the place from customers review. It was a 50-50 kind of review. Some say they have good food and some say it was bad. (But that is to be expected isn’t it?) The only consistent comment I read was that they have big serving. Feeling a bit hesitant while browsing their menu, we decided to give it a try.

Okay, my pictures does not justify the amount of serving but I’m telling you, the actual serving we got was pretty big. The pesto rice with fish was superb! I love pesto and they made it really good. The chicken steak was also amazing. The chicken was very tasty and the texture was just perfect. Would you believe that for this meal we only paid 80,000 idr ($6) and we went home with a big smile in our faces because we were satisfied? Well, we were very much satisfied with the experience. Worth coming back to! (Please check them out in Zomato to see their full menu.)


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Now this is a good surprise. For those coffee lovers who appreciates non-commercialised good coffee brewing, you might want to check this place out. They’re newly opened coffee shop (sometime March this year) along arteri permata hijau. The place is pretty chill and interesting. They have some board games so you can actually enjoy good coffee and some games with your friends. One of the things I like about this place aside from coffee is that this place seems to be a different world inside the very busy city of Jakarta. Even if the shop is along the main road, you won’t get distracted of the cars passing by. And the best part is that this place is not inside the mall! So yes, I really like this place! Good place to hangout with friends or just by yourself and enjoy coffee. Bonus, they have some books if you feel like reading and ukulele!

So if you happen to pass by jalan arteri permata hijau, check this place out for some good food and coffee! The perfect trio place!