Last Friday we celebrated teacher’s day at work. For the past three years of working here, every teacher’s day the parents prepare a simple surprise for the teachers. Usually the children do a simple song and dance number and they give out some arts and crafts that says thank you. This year however was something new.. which I believe is pretty good idea and less hassle ( I hope ) for parents.

Lunch buffet, desserts and some refreshments were provided ( a bottle of wine, I saw and finished a bottle of wine. AWESOME BEANS!) We also had karaoke for our entertainment where we (yes we) sang our hearts out! But the best part was the massage  and manicure provided for everyone. What a way to be pampered, massage after a working day! Thank you GoMassage and GoGlam for the pampering service.

As always a simple but sincere thank you is all I need to hear, but thank you so much parents. Much much love!

Here are some snippets of the event:

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