I’ve always wanted to do a solo travel/backpacking adventure in a foreign country. Gives me a certain feeling of independence and literally forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone. And for a while my country of choosing is Thailand because I know it is well explored.. So it’s not really 100% getting out of comfort zone but more of convenience and availability of reading materials. Plus I love Thai food, so why not!

Last December I finally put that plan into action. I spent my December holiday in Thailand (10 days) mostly in Phuket and a side trip to Koh Lipe and one whole day in Bangkok. Everything was pretty easy to arrange, thanks to Traveloka, Agoda and Booking.com for making all transactions and reservations hassle free.

Coming from Jakarta I decided to book a flight going to Bangkok (ThaiLion thank you for the direct flight) first and then Phuket. I was able to time things perfectly so I managed to get on my flights on time. Arriving in Bangkok airport (DMK), the immigration line stressed me out. Felt like I was in a market because it was super crowded and the lines seems to be going everywhere! After one hour of waiting in line, I finally got in and went to the next airport for my flight to Phuket.

Bangkok to Phuket was about 1 hr 20 mins… Not bad for my sanity although I was getting tired already. Good thing the flight was on time and I was able to catch the last bus from the airport going to the city. (The last bus going to the city leaves at 8:30pm, after that you have to take taxi going to wherever and they can be pretty expensive. Some would cost about 1000 – 2000 baht depending on how good you are when it comes to bargaining for the price.) Since I was not able to buy a local sim card I was a bit worried on how I can contact the hostel for directions.

Luck was with me, people at the bus terminal were helpful. They tried calling the place and asked for directions. Good thing it was about 10-15 minutes away from the terminal, so it was pretty close and I got free ride! Oh yeah! day one in Thailand!

My hostel was in Phuket town, pretty empty place or should I say more quiet and not much happening but it was enough for me. I wanted to stay away from crowded places so there you go. I forgot the name of the place I stayed in but it was right across a hospital. Private fan room for only 200 baht per night, pretty good deal. The room was clean, showers and toilet were well maintained and outside the hostel there’s a lot of food places.

Here’s a short output of my adventures in Thailand.


IMG_9840I was able to witness a wonderful sunset here. Even if this beach can be very crowded, I managed to find a spot where I can sit down and watch the mini waves and the sun set. I don’t really like crowded beaches but this one was pretty nice. There was some parts where you can actually relax and avoid the crowd. Plus, if you are keen on playing volleyball then this is a good place for you. They put up some nets and you can actually join the regular beach volley goer here.


The busiest place in Phuket. Literally busy. I said this before and I’ll say it again: It’s not a beach! The streets of Patong comes more alive at night. I spent one night here just to do my mission, to watch a live ping pong show. Checked it out from my bucket list, now moving on.

This place is very popular for tourists who wants to have fun and party, experience the night life Phuket has to offer especially in Bangla road. So if you are looking for a fun drinking spree and shows, then head to Patong and they will show you what you are looking for. (Sorry, no photos to show)


IMG_9914This is my favorite beach around Phuket. This beach was recommended by a friend from couchsurfing. It is very close to the airport but the beach is gorgeous and very chill. Not crowded at all! They have great and clean shoreline too! Although you can’t really see a good sun set here, it’s still pretty amazing. Would love stay around this area again if I get to visit Phuket. There are some food places nearby the beach, but expect it to be a bit pricey since it’s in a tourist spot area. So if you are looking for a cheaper non tourist price food, then you might as well drive out a bit.


Stayed here only for a whole day before flying back to Jakarta. It reminded me of Jakarta and Manila. Exactly the same, although their train system is pretty much nicer than in Manila. Like every big city in Southeast Asia (with the exception of Singapore) it is crowded and dirty – in some parts at least.

FullSizeRender 5
While heading to Koh Lipe… The long hours of boat ride that almost drove me crazy!

Overall, the experience was fun! People are friendly and their food was AMAZING!! Even just the ones on the street, it was really good and tasty. Would love to go back here and eat as much as I can! Plus I was able to meet up with some friends who I met back in Indonesia when I was still new. Such a wonderful feeling meeting friends in other places. Feels so.. adult!

Thank you Thailand for the experience. Much love! 🙂