Food is always a must when you are traveling, and since we were staying in Senggigi area, a friend of mine recommended some good places to eat. (We did try to eat as much as possible to warungs because we love to enjoy the local food.)

Warung Buana

If you want freshly made pizza in the island, then I recommend you to visit this place. You can basically smell your pizza being baked at the outside oven. We went here twice and I enjoyed both visits. The server was friendly and entertaining. You can actually find them in TripAdvisor if you need some insights on how good this place is. Good pizza for a very reasonable price. Please do try their chocolate cake as well if you can!

Temptations Cafe and Bakery

This place is one of my favorites. They have various selection on their menu from breakfast to dinner and desserts! Heads up, the price might look too expensive or a typical big city price but once you actually see the serving, it is all worth it! Plus the taste is just really good. They have a bakery to the place so the bread they serve that goes with their burger and chili con carne is freshly baked. Check out also their pastry and cakes. We ordered blueberry cheese cake, apple pie, chocolate and almond croissant and banana cake… and we were in heaven.

La Chill

If you want to watch the sunset by the beach while lounging in a beanbag with cocktails in your hand, then this is the perfect place for you. I could imagine myself going here after a tiring work day and just enjoying the sun set with a bit of alcohol of course! The other bar beside it can give you a better deal of cocktails since they have happy hour from 4pm till 9. So that’s a good bargain. All cocktails for 70000idr!

You can check more places to eat around Senggigi and Mataram in tripAdvisor.